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Ooops!  Lavin goofed up -- please read if you just ordered my new CD

I have just returned from the big post office in Manhattan (stays open til 10 PM) -- I just mailed out all the most recent CD orders, and I said if you ordered before 11/17/09 at noon you not only got the special low price, you'd get a special 'mystery disk.'

Guess what I forgot to put in the packages?  Yes, the mystery disk.  CDs cost at least $1.39 to mail because they are rigid, so I was thinking . . . I could email you the mystery disk through so that you don't get cheated and I don't have to make an additional expensive trip to the post office.

So . . . if you are expecting a package from me, can you send me your email address (I only have your street address).  Send it to and then over the next day or two check your email box (and also check your spam folder -- sometimes yousendit's stuff lands in there).  

The first person to names the most names of the singers on the mystery disk wins five copies of "Cold Pizza" that I will autograph to whoever it is you tell me to autograph em to.  I don't think anybody can name them all, but whoever does the best wins.

So sorry I forgot to include it in the package.  But I know you'll love listening to it.