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Happy Thanksgiving video

Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.  On Monday night I organized a bunch of singers at Birdland to sing a thank you song to the staff -- here it is:

But it wasn't just any singers; wanted you to know their names and claims to fame:

Maude Maggart - her sister is Fiona Apple, but Maude couldn't be more different musically.  She is the best young American cabaret singers devoting her life to the great American songbook.  She sang harmony on my song "The Bends" a couple recordings back.  

David Ippolito - for 18 years he's been "That Guitar Man of Central Park" -- every Saturday he plays for free in the park.  Check out his website at -- he's doing his annual indoor concert on December 12th at Lincoln Center (I'll be in the audience).  It's a panic every year.

Ed Lovett -- a new friend, he plays guitar and sings Cole Porter songs.  His day job is he's in the 'green energy' field.  My dream is that his company will build me a house with windmills, solar panels, and bug repellers built in.

Hilary Kole - her debut album "Haunted Heart" is on the charts in Japan (she's played there 3 times this year). She's a fantastic singer and every year plays the Virgin Mary in Birdland's Jazz Nativity.  Last Year I went three times.  The most unusual nativity show ever.  Don't miss it!  It's worth the price of admission just to see Hilary in her costume.

William Blake -- a spectacular singer, flat out the best male singer I have heard in the last 10 years.  He's going to be a huge star.

Ray Jessel -- the last composer to collaborate with Richard Rodgers, Ray also co-wrote the Broadway musical "Baker Street."  He's on "One Meat Ball," and just released his SECOND album at the tender age of 80.

Steve Sorokoff - he's also taking pictures during the song.  He's a wonderful jazz pianist and singer and house photographer for Cast Party.  You can hear his wife Eda singing along at the beginning of the video.  She ran the videocamera.  Thanks Eda!

Michael Winther - has appeared if five Broadway productions -- earlier this night he sang a heartbreakingly beautiful version of "The Rainbow Connection."  Great guy.

Joan Crowe -- visit -- she's the tall drink of water behind me.  She also sings with a 17 piece swing band and along with the great Jay Leonhardt is injecting humor into the jazz world.  You go girl!

Nate Z -- I don't know his last name, but he's a young hip dude who combines American standards and rap.  He is also going to be performing a 'duet' version of my song "Good Thing S/He Can't Read My Mind" in a theater piece on December 6th.  I can't wait!

Klea Blackhurst -- the heir apparent to Ethel Merman -- travels the world singing everything -- another spectacular singer.  Every Saturday she performs a one-woman Ethel Merman show at the Snapple Theater on Broadway.  I can't believe she joined us.  Thanks, Klea!

Ben Rausch - a young rising star in the theater world -- very very funny guy -- I predict it's just a matter of time before he's landed a starring role on Broadway

Jenna Esposito -- the darling 'queen' of the cabaret scene -- just released a live album of a tribute show she did honoring Connie Francis.  And dig this:  she played a voicemail from Connie Francis herself thanking Jenna!

Jenny Lynn Stewart - an operetta star in New York, sings theater and opera all over the country.

So even though we didn't get to introduce everybody, now you know.  If you are ever in NYC on a Monday night, Cast Party is the place to be  Thanks Jim Caruso!