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A new song containing a five-question quiz:  How do you score?  Liberal - or Conservative?

You probably noticed those crazy town hall meetings recently where people were screaming at each other (pretty hard to avoid).  While this was going on I became intrigued with studies on Liberals and Conservatives being done in the field of political psychology.  I tracked down three of the social scientists involved (John Alford at Rice U, John Hibbing at U of Nebraska, and Jeff Mondak at U of Illiinois) and asked for their help to write a song on this topic, to try to find some common ground between the two sides. Humorist Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post also got involved, as this is a topic that has also piqued his interest.

The result is a song called "Hardwired," that I recorded with Robin Batteau and David Ippolito (who are also intrigued with this topic).  The song contains a five-question quiz that you take (and score yourself) as the song plays. We just finished recording it last night.  As I explain in the song, you score your "Liberal" answers on your left hand, your "Conservative" answers on your right hand.  We slaved over the wording of the song to make sure it reflected the documented work being done in this field.  

Here's a link to the free download on a page with the lyrics: