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Stories about radio host Bob Sherman, Pete Seeger, Dave Van Ronk, George Wurzbach, Livingston Taylor, Garry Novikoff, and Laura Weber

Stories about radio host Bob Sherman Pete Seeger Dave Van Ronk George Wurzbach Livingston Taylor Garry Novikoff and Laura Weber

Chapter 2 Cold Pizza For Breakfast read aloud video

And in case you haven't heard Chapter 1:

I am in a wedding out of town on the 19th, so if you'd like to order this book and do it by the 17th, you get a free CD and I'll mail it out before I leave. I'm playing the wedding march, and am so nervous. I wrote it over a year ago, and I play it ten times in a row when I wake up, and 10 times in a row before I go to bed, then during the day whenever I start to feel panic coming on. I'm sure someone will film it and if I play a clam -- well, the only good thing about that is that the wedding is happening on a beach and it won't be the only clam there.

The free CD is the June issue of the Hudson Harding compilation, or if you prefer something else, just tell me which one you want.

If you're looking for a good movie, "In The Heights" just opened (is in theaters AND on HBO Max) -- it's thrilling. I can say with certainty that it's a film for all ages, all persuasions, and if they were alive Esther Williams, Busby Berkeley, and Fred Astaire would be cheering it on.

Have a wonderful Sunday!