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My new CD "Cold Pizza" has arrived

Hi music lovers -- the new CD has arrived . . . and the color on the cover is, uh, not quite right.  The pepperoni look orange.  We went through this over and over again -- but this is the reality of CD manufacturing.  I just mention this because any of you who pre-ordered will get this first printing -- but I'm going to change the cover after this.  Obviously, this photo is just about impossible to reproduce exactly, so I'll do something else.

You know what that means . . . Antiques Road Show.  There will only be 1,000 with this goofy cover.  

One more thing -- if you have pre-orderd with my special deal (you get a free copy of "The Stealth Project") -- I just got a bunch of stuff from a warehouse, so I have other back-titles I can offer free with this new album -- here's what I now have:

30 "Please Don't Make Me Too Happy"
14 "Shining My Flashlight On The Moon"
12 "Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind"
4 Beau Woes
7 Bellevue Years
5 Compass
25 Subway Series
30 Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch

If you would like one of those INSTEAD of The Stealth Project, drop me an email at  Yellow Tail out in Seattle doesn't have any of these titles, so this is something to contact me directly about. In the subject line write:  Swap Stealth For . . .  

If you haven't ordered yet, the "free extra CD" offer still goes -- either "The Stealth Project" (which has Don White, Lori Lieberman, Red Grammer, and many other fine musicians) or one of the above.  

You order through the website, but STILL drop me a note separately telling me which free CD you choose.  I am filling the orders here in NYC, Yellow Tail is taking the orders in Seattle.  

Hope that's not too confusing.  

I've had the luxury of playing guitar non-stop for most of the past three days.  Now I have just become a CD fulfillment house.  Oh, the glamour of show biz!