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I toured 9 years with Don -- all his humor is based around being a father and now a Grandfather -- you DUDES will LOVE him today!

I toured 9 years with Don  all his humor is based around being a father and now a Grandfather  you DUDES will LOVE him today

Don White held down a regular job for most of his adult life -- installing burglar alarms, as he liked to say, "to keep my friends out of other people's houses." Don and I toured all over the US and Canada -- he never cusses -- well, hardly ever -- and finds humor in the everyday lives we all lead. ESPECIALLY the lives you guys lead. This is a FREE show -- tipping is fine, but if you can't afford it, no worries! It's your special day, and one you'll remember always if it's your introduction to Don White. His concert will be in the neighborhood of one hour.

Maybe you're a young guy and you and your Dad and GrandDad are miles apart -- you can ALL tune in to Don's show and share something very special together.

I think you trust me and know I would never steer you wrong. I've laughed again and again and again at Don's shows -- even when I knew what was coming. He's just one really funny guy. And right now, we all need to laugh -- moms, grandmoms, and us single people, too -- not in any mean way, not at the expense of others -- just laugh.

Here's the link to Don's show at 7 PM Eastern (6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific) -- midnight in London, and who knows what time in Hawaii? When I was in Hawaii there was no clock in the hotel room! OK, I looked it up -- 1 PM in Hawaii. You've gotten enough sun today. Come watch Don White on your laptop.

Stream at:

Spend father's day with Don White: the dad of all dads! Join us for a memorable Dad-themed set featuring songs about kids, parenting and family. Have you been quarantined with Dad? Do something special and bring him to the Don White Show!

CHRISTINE HERE WITH A NOTE: Below is something very special that does NOT get posted ANYWHERE PUBLIC, and I ask that you NOT post anywhere. Don LOVES to 'hear' his audience respond, and for most streaming shows you can't. But he has devised a way through Zoom. IF where you'd be watching from is quiet -- no dogs barking, no phones ringing, no coughing, no street noise -- you can watch at Zoom and Don can "unmute" you so that he can hear your response. If you are a good laugher, here's your chance to shine -- but remember that everyone on zoom is as loud as Don, so you want to make sure you don't laugh over his lines (sometimes it's tricky). Remember, do NOT post the zoom info anywhere and if you get in (not everyone does) be honest when he asks if you are in a noise-free environment. If you plan to eat a bag of chips, you have to tell him no. NOW BACK TO THE REST OF DON'S STATEMENT:

You can also sign in on Zoom and be a part of the show. Limited access! Use the meeting ID & pw below to gain access. There will also be an afterparty featuring a Q&A with Don and a song circle with very special guests!

Meeting ID: 938 3467 5144
Password: DWPassim

Suggested donation: $25

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Sunday, June 21, 2020
Stream begins: 7pm ET

Happy Father's Day to ALL!