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Going to the P.O. on Monday at 4 PM to mail out 25 that are going out free with purchase of my new album -- last chance for swag --

Going to the PO on Monday at 4 PM to mail out 25 that are going out free with purchase of my new album  last chance for swag

If you would like a face shield that says, "On My Way To Hooterville" (think of the conversations this can start at Trader Joe's) -- I'm going to the P.O. at 4 PM on Monday to mail out 25 copies of my new album that I autographed and am sending to 25 beautiful people who bought it over the weekend and get a free collectors' item face shield that can also double as a safety conscious Halloween costume. I only have 10 left.

If you would like a new album AND a free face shield in the bargain, it's just $20 (which covers tax and shipping, which I know is ridiculous, since mailing out just a CD is $3.80 and these boxes are 12x12x4 and I don't know how much they cost to mail). So take advantage of my postal naivete and secure one of these safety-conscious face shields (certified for grocery shopping and school -- not medical) -- and it's recommended you wear a mask, too.

As you can see, they fit over glasses.

I tested it out, it's very comfortable, I wore it for hours, and it adds an extra layer of pandemic protection. The company is called "Amerishield," and these are the 'consumer' face shields, adult size, not for hospital work. You can check out their website to see they are well made and that they cost $3.94, so I'm investing in your good health by giving them away (I did not get a discount). I just think it's a good idea that I hope will catch on.

But mainly I think these will be conversation starters at the grocery store. After I go to the P.O. I'm going to Trader Joe's wearing mine and will let you know what happens.

If you wear this face shield and someone asks you, 'Are you really on your way to Hooterville?' you look at them mysteriously and say, "Aren't we all?" OR you could look startled and say, "Why do you ask?" and they'll point to the top of your head and you can act surprised, like they're joking, that you'd never wear something that says that! And before you know it, you're having coffee and you've made a new friend.

You can pay $20 via venmo or paypal and if I get your order before 4 PM Eastern, it will go out today. And if you're not sure you want my new album, go to my home page at and download the 85 page liner notes for free. Then you'll know for sure that you really don't want it, or maybe you do! There's also a 3-1/2 minute video with musical highllights from the album. And some videos I made for some of the songs.

Make sure you include your mailing address, and if you want it autographed to someone other than you. And if you just want the album digitally it's available at and itunes, too. But they don't send you a potentially life-saving face shield. And the digital version won't spice up your grocery store trips, either.

As the president, messenger, receptionist, cleaning staff, face shield model, and oh yeah, songwriter, I thank you for reading all the way to the end.