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A brand new song to brighten your day (but might turn your stomach!)

As you read the lyrics, you'll see a photo message -- go to that photo: before reading the next verse.  Think of this as a very very very low-tech music video. I think kids are really going to like this song.  Have a great weekend -- Ciao!  Christine

The Ugliest Animals In The World

by Christine Lavin

Ever look in the mirror

Not like what you see?

I bet it happens every now and then to you

And, yes, it happens to me

But the next time you don't like your reflection

You think you just might hurl

Thank your lucky stars you'€™re not one of . . .

The 20 Ugliest Animals In The World


The Blobfish looks like the offspring of

A lumpy jellyfish and Mr. Magoo

It’s grey and jiggly and sitting on the ocean floor

Is all that it can do

It has very few muscles and just hangs around

Waiting for a meal to float by

The Blobfish is homely and boring and dull

Creepy and cranky and shy


The Blobfish'€™s only friend is the Red Lipped Batfish

A grey pancake with a Julia Roberts pout

it staggers around on spindly fins

As it tries to move about

Just picture it:  a fish with the face of a bat!

With red lips . . . and it can barely swim!

I don’t care how bad you think you look

You don'€™t look as bad as him


Or the Hagfish â€" there is no mystery

how it got it’s name

it’s got two brains and four heart but there’s something  else

that is it’s claim to fame

In a matter of minutes it can produce

21 quarts of slime

it feeds on corpses of dead things

for Hagfish rotting whale guts is sublime


And oy! the Dumbo Octopus

lives 12,000 feet below

swallows prey whole, has giant suckers on its arms

two flippity flappers that make it go


But nothing is as ugly as a Scotoplane

Looks like a tentacled floating pink cow’s udder

It’s nicknamed  â€œSea Pig” as it sucks mud

And lives off the abyssal plain’s detritus and clutter

And that’s just five of what are called

The 20 Ugliest Animals on Earth

There’s 15 more than I could talk about

Who live from St. Petersburg to Perth

Each one more repugnant than the next

Their appearances so bizarre

If I told you, you’d run away and scream

“This time you’ve gone too far!”

So take another look in the mirror

Things are not that bad

You’re not slimy you don’t have a bat face

No reason for you to be sad

You'€™re so much more interesting than a Blobfish

Cuter than a Sea Pig, too

Life is grander for us on land

Than for those ugly critters in the ocean blue

Who’d give anything

Every venomous tentacled ring

To be as fun and good looking as you