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For the first time: COLD PIZZA  FOR BREAKFAST memoir & CL Songbook available plus 8 CD titles - buy 2, get your choice of 3rd CD for free!

For the first time COLD PIZZA nbspFOR BREAKFAST memoir amp CL Songbook available plus 8 CD titles  buy 2 get your choice of 3rd CD for free

In my quest to stay alive in the music business I have bought up unsold product from Appleseed Recordings, so now I have 8 CDs and two books for sale. I am the president of the record company, I'm also the delivery person, and I know how to sign my name, so I can be the autographer, too. I'm also the complaint department, so feel free to bend my ear.

New CL merch store:

The CDs and my memoir are mailed by me -- if you want the songbook, it will come directly from the printer, my friend Nate on the Upper West Side. He has all 200 pages and he is a UPS Store, too, Global Copy on Bway between West 97th and 98th Street. He makes them one-at-a-time and will send to you for the same amount he charges me: $32. So he makes all the money, and that's OK by me -- I couldn't see charging higher for it, and I'm so grateful if someone wants to learn my songs. Nate has stayed open all through the pandemic, and it's been a struggle, so I'm happy for him to make a little something extra during this tough time. I also have sheet music for "Air Conditioner" and "Don't Take Anyone," that aren't in the songbok and will send you the PDFs to go along with the songbook if you drop me a note, or just want either of those songs' sheet music.

If you don't want or don't need any of the other 6 CDs, I can send you the Hudson Harding March 2021 CD of singles for Folk Radio -- only 500 are pressed and sent to radio stations. Some wonderful songs on it.

In any case, thank you for helping musicians stay afloat during these rough times. Hopefully in 2022 the "On A Winter's Night" tour will pick up where it left off in 2021 and we can all look back at this time and shake our heads with wonder.