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Two videos for "Buskin & Batteau & Friends" in NYC on Saturday at 2 PM, and in New England 4/21 and 4/26

Two videos for quotBuskin amp Batteau amp Friendsquot in NYC on Saturday at 2 PM and in New England 421 and 426

Join us tomorrow, Saturday at 2 PM - 3:30 PM at the City Winery, 15th Street and 11th Avenue, then in the evening on the 21st at The Bull Run in Shirley, MA and then City Winery Boston on the 26th. Julie Gold and Steven Zelin are just in the NYC show -- there's another surprise guest in the New England shows, but if I told you who the suprise guest is, he wouldn't be a surprise, so you'll have to wonder!

"Buskin & Batteau & Friends at The City Winery in NYC 2:00 PM Saturday April 15th". Doors at 12:30 (come have brunch!)

Highlights of Buskin & Batteau, Christine Lavin, Julie Gold, John Forster with Don McGee on WFUV

Here's the link to our last three shows:

Tomorrow, April 15:

April 21 at The Bull Run (B&B, Lavin, Shanna, John Foster + a surprise guest):

April 26 at Boston City Winery (B&B, Lavin, Shanna, John Forster + a surprise guest)

Come watch us make fools of ourselves!