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"Just One Angel" free with any purchase of of 2 or more CDs at my website

quotJust One Angelquot free with any purchase of of 2 or more CDs at my website

"Just One Angel" was released in 2010, sold out in 2015, but now this box has appeared in my little sister's basement and she sent it to me! In the spirit of the season, I'm giving away copies with any order of 2 more of my CDs at my website ("On My Way To Hooterville," "The Best Of CL," "Spaghettification," and "Hillary Rollins Presents CL & Friends Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop"). The liner notes for all four albums are a free download on my home page -- just click on the album covers on the little brown suitcase.

"Just One Angel" is a collection of new original Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year's songs -- though I have to say that my favorite is the one old song -- a new translation of "Auld Lang Syne" sung by Kate and James Taylor. Kate, BTW, is working on a new album as we speak, produced by Peter Asher (Peter of "Peter & Gordon" -- you have to be old like me  to get excited at that reference) -- though my second favorite song is Sally Fingerett's, "Jewish Kid Born On Christmas Day Blues" that she wrote just for this compilation (yes, her birthday is December 25th).

The photographs that decorate this album are by the amazing photographer Kenneth Libbrecht, who gave us permission to use his intricate snowflake photography for this project. Look closely at the photo above and you'll see there's so many good people on this, and since this is the last box in existence, I'll give away all but the last 10 -- keeping them for posterity.

Here's a link to Kenneth Libbrecht's fascinating photography:

Here's another one of my favorite songs on "Just One Angel" -- it's by Megon McDonough and is the true story of her first guitar:

"My Christmas Guitar" Megon McDonough

My hope is -- like it's been with all the compilations I have ever done -- that you will discover new songwriters you didn't  previously know, visit their websites and buy some of their CDs. As performers, we are all looking for ways to stay afloat during this pandemic, and for many of us, selling our CDs directly is a way that you can help - and they make lovely gifts. If you download two or more mp3s of my albums from my site I will send you an mp3 of "Just One Angel."

There is nothing on my website that mentions this, because I only have this one box, and I'm only making this offer to you who subscribe to my newsletter. But be assured any orders that come in between now and the end of the year will include "Just One Angel" for free. And let me know if you want an autographed copy (only my autograph, but one out of 21 ain't bad).

Happy holidays!