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The digital songbook is half the price of the physical songbook; "Shopping Cart Of Love: The Play" is a standalone for $10 -- a song anyone can sing

The digital songbook is half the price of the physical songbook quotShopping Cart Of Love The Playquot is a standalone for 10  a song anyone can sing

Hi there -- Hope you are doing well, living through these difficult times.  Now that I'm 70 I'm thinking down the road and have updated my songbook yet again.


  1. Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind
  2. Ten O’Clock In Toronto
  3. Fly On A Plane
  4. The Santa Monica Pier
  5. Sensitive New Age Guys
  6. Doris & Edwin: The Movie
  7. Amoeba Hop
  8. The Dakota
  9. Bumblebees
  10. Cold Pizza For Breakfast
  11. Another Woman’s Man
  12. If I Could Be Sonja Henie
  13. Regretting What I Said
  14. The Kind Of Love You Never Recover From
  15. Katy Says Today Is the Best Day of My Whole Entire Life
  16. Ballad Of A Ballgame
  17. Another New York Afternoon
  18. What Was I Thinking?
  19. Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best
  20. Winter In Manhattan
  21. Whipped Cream
  22. Moken Spoken Here
  23. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
  24. More Than One Million Americans
  25. The Goldfish Whisperer (written with Broadway's Sutton Foster)
  26. Ha Ha Ha Ha Tsk Tsk Shhhh! (about going to the first Sex & The City Movie & sitting next to a pill)
  27. That Elusive Shade Of Blue
  28. Air Conditioner - 3 keys (Gm, G#m, Am)
  29. Don’t Take Anyone - 2 keys (E and G)
  30. Ervin & Edith (written with John Forster)

PLUS some recipes & other writings I think you'll dig.

The digital copy is available straight off my website,, for only $30.

You can still get a physical copy of the songbook, directly from my friend Nate who owns Global Copy on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He charges me $56 to print the 230 page book w/4/C cover and plastic on front & back (make sure you tell him you want that). Nate is at or call him at 212 222 2679. He is also a UPS shipping point, so he will print and mail you a hard copy, usually on the same day. I don't make anything on the physical copies -- if I did the price would be ridiculously high. Nate stayed open all during the pandemic, so I'm happy to give him the net profit from all sales.

"Shopping Cart Of Love: The Play" is a video on my home page you can watch, and even if you don't consider yourself a singer, YOU CAN SING THIS! Think of yourself as a modern day Rex (or Rexine) Harrison. It is so much fun to perform. Team up with a pianist or a guitarist and you're off to the races -- by itself the digital copy is just $10. And it's perfectly fine to read the lyrics as you sing it -- I've memorized it, but you don't have to!

Both can be played by piano or guitar if you put them on an iPad and prop them on a piano like sheet music.

And here's a bonus -- I was given a video of my April concert at the Caffe Lena -- I added some bells and whistles to it, had the sound mastered by Phil Klum, and it's not posted anywhere (so please don't post it). It was a lot of fun, I can tell you that. All the "surprised" guests were truly surprised, and credited. It's 1 hour and 50 minutes and spans songs from the early 1980s to present.

CL LIVE at Caffe Lena 4/22/22 (music starts at 3:21) 1 hour 50 minutes

unlisted full length audio remastered copy:

1. Ballad Of A Ballgame (written 1985)

2. If You're Drunk You Cannot Buy A Puppy (2011)

3. Remembering My Passwords (2012)

4. Waiting For The B Train (1995)

5. Fly On A Plane (1990)

6. Doris & Edwin: The Movie (1986)

7. Good Thing He/She Can't Read My Mind (1988/2020)

8. Until That Day (2020)

I N T E R M I S S I O N (51:30)

9. Ervin & Edith (2022)

10. Prince Charles (1981) (surprised guest)

11. Shopping Cart Of Love: The Play (1990)

12. I Am Psychic So Are You (2008)

13. Sensitive New Age Guys (1990/new lyrics 2010) (suprised guests)

Encore: "Peace Will Come" by Tom Paxton (more surprised guests) -- Thank you Sarah Craig, Reese Fulmer, Joe, Joel, Phil, and all the surprised guests.

This weekend I'm on the road with The Four Bitchin' Babes in Alexandria, VA. Our final concert -- looks like it's the end of the line, but hey, you never know!

Hope you are staying safe --- we're not completely out of the woods with covid. I still mask up in public and have almost a year's supply of N95 masks. Seems like only yesterday Sally Fingerett was teaching us how to sew our own masks -- but that was way back in March of 2020. We've come a long way since then, but have to keep washing our hands and taking care of each other. Just like Ervin and Edith did. Sigh.