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I was invited to Yankee Stadium by one of the team owners, so I brought along as my +1 the most ardent Yankee fan I know: DAVID IPPOLITO

I was invited to Yankee Stadium by one of the team owners so I brought along as my 1 the most ardent Yankee fan I know DAVID IPPOLITO

I had never been to Yankee Stadium in my life. Imagine my surprise when one of the owners invited me and said I could bring a +1. I immediately thought of David Ippolito, the guitar man of Central Park, the most ardent Yankee fan I know -- who will be out there this Saturday for his first free outdoor concert of 2023 -- you enter near West 77th Street and Central Park West -- he sets up by rowboat pond -- just follow the sound of music, starting a bit after Noon.

When this invite came in a few months back, I knew I had to ask David to be my +1, and he had a ball, and bought me a Yankee hat, which is now hanging on my wall.

The owner's box isn't really a box, it's a suite -- a luxurious suite with a buffet that included lobster rolls, sushi, mac & cheese, sliders, fresh fruit, filet mignon, and anything you wanted to drink, followed by an ice cream and candy buffet. I'm so glad I arrived hungry.  I thought there might be food, but I didn't know it would be as fabulous and unlimited as it was.  The suite had a giant flat screen TV for anyone who didn't want to sit outdoors and watch the game -- but we did sit outdoors and there was no worry about it being chilly because there were heaters above each seat if you wanted it on -- and it came on automatically, you didn't have to even push a button. And there were replay screens so you didn't even have to pay attention -- if you missed a play, you could see it right after it happened.

The suite had a private bathroom, with an attendant. I know -- fancy! There were some other friends of the owner there, but you'll just have to imagine who they were -- I'm not at liberty to say.  The Cleveland Guardians took an early 2-0 lead, but the Yankees came from behind and won the game 4-2. David Ippolito credited Anthony Volpe with being the sparkplug who helped win the game for them.

I was going to go home by subway, the way I arrived, but there was such a crowd and my metrocard wasn't working, so when I saw a big man with a "taxi" sign I rode with him (David lives close to the stadium, so he walked home). On my way home I couldn't get my venmo working, but I told the driver I had cash at home and if he trusted me, I would run up to my apartment and bring the money down.

Guess what? He trusted me. He sat in his SUV outside my building while I ran in, rode the elevator, grabbed some cash then rode the elevator down and he was still sitting in his car, though I gotta say, he did look relieved when I reappeared.  

I don't expect I'll ever go to Yankee Stadium again -- so here's my 7-1/2 minute video to remember it by.

Yankee Stadium 5/2/23 - 7-1/2 minutes