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Tonight at 7 PM Eastern -- join me along with Sonny Ochs, Ron Olesko, Daniel Cainer, Claudia & Dan Zanes, Scott Ainsley, Mike Agranoff, David Roth (filling in for Pierce Pettis), Greg Greenway, Rod MacDonald, Kate Taylor, and Art Podell. FREE.

Tonight at 7 PM Eastern  join me along with Sonny Ochs Ron Olesko Daniel Cainer Claudia amp Dan Zanes Scott Ainsley Mike Agranoff David Roth filling in for Pierce Pettis Greg Greenway Rod MacDonald Kate Taylor and Art Podell FREE

Here's the YouTube link:

It will also be live on my FB page:

Plus there's a special surprise guest!

It's free, a gift to the community, but tips are welcome and split equally among the performers. We had hoped by now things would be back to normal, but they're not, so we musicians have come to cherish these once-a-month Sunday night get-togethers. I'm honored that since this one happens to fall on my 70th birthday that the GVFF is turning it into a birthday party.

When you're a kid, having a birthday this close to Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year's is hard -- but I'm happy that this year makes up for all those parties I didn't have as a kid. And I can't wait to find out who the special guest is.

Onwards and upwards through 2022!