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Buy 2 or more CDs and get a FREE copy of the brand new 2-CD compilation "The Longest Night Of The Year" -- while they last

Buy 2 or more CDs and get a FREE copy of the brand new 2CD compilation quotThe Longest Night Of The Yearquot  while they last

In October I started selling CDs directly from my website -- thank you all who have ordered! Now I have a special offer that will last as long as I have copies of "The Longest Night Of The Year," the 2020 2-CD holiday compilation released every year by Hudson Harding Music. You can't buy it -- it's only sent to the artists on it and to the Folk DJ list. For the past 10 years in a row every annual compilation has made it to #1 on the FolkDJ list for the month of December. I'm sure this one will, too.

They aren't being mailed to DJs til next week, but I have 40 copies that just arrived today, and if you buy 2 or more CDs from the CD Store on my website, you will get a copy of this brand new compilation free. I've just listened through to it twice, and flagged more than a dozen songs I have to whittle down for a radio show -- there's so much good stuff here.

I know some people collect holiday albums -- well here's a 2-CD set you can't buy anywhere -- there's only 1,000 pressed, and I am lucky enough to have 40 that I'm allowed to sell -- but hey, I didn't pay for them, so I'm passing the savings on to you.

There's a song of mine on Disc 2 (I don't perform it, someone else does) -- these albums have become true collectors' items, so here's your chance. Oh and all the orders I am sending out today include "The Longest Night Of The Year" in them. I think it's only fair!