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I'm part of a silent auction to benefit Riverside Park in NYC

Hi guys -- I live on Manhattan's Upper West Side and am part of a silent auction to raise $ for Riverside Park.  There's a site where you can bid on my doing a concert in your living room for you and your friends -- all the $ goes to the park.  I will also bring a batch of "Barackolate Chip Cookies" to your house and read from my book-in-progress (and give you an advance copy).  

They just posted the concert and it says "Manhattan only" but I told them to expand that to the tri-state area, but it could go even farther than that if it was scheduled near an out-of-town date sometime over the next year.  So they are changing the wording.  If this interests you, here's the website:

And if you ever visit NYC, one of the hidden gems is the Boat Basin Cafe, at West 79th Street and the Hudson River (only open in warm weather, you can't drive to it, park along Riverside Drive and follow the path down to the water).  If you're a film buff, the final scene of "You've Got Mail" starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was filmed in the Riverside Park flower garden (around 91st Street in the park), staffed by volunteers, and the 79th Street Boat Basin is where Dabney Coleman docked that boat he lived on between marriages (I love that movie!)   And I love that park, so I'm doing what I can to help.  The silent auction ends midnight on June 18th.