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So now I'm posting it on YouTube, too, and at midnight every night I will be posting a new chapter

So now I039m posting it on YouTube too and at midnight every night I will be posting a new chapter

Here are the first two chapters of my new project, reading aloud this Willa Cather novella.  Actress Joanne Woodward's dream was to turn this book into a film, but she is now retired and that dream is unfulfilled.  I'm hoping that a young filmmaker will make her dream come true.  Joanne Woodward believed so strongly in this book that she once booked herself into Symphony Space in NYC and read the book aloud over two nights to a sold out crowd. I'm no actress, but I do the best I can (I recorded an audio version of my book a few years back, so I learned a bit about out-loud reading -- one of the things I learned is that I will never write the words, "particularly," or "similarly" ever again!).

"Lucy Gayheart" by Willa Cather -- first two chapters I read aloud:

Evey night at midnight I'll be posting a new chapter or chapters -- Chapter 3 is done, is 20 minutes long -- so tonight's midnight episode will just be the one chapter.

You can read along or listen along, or turn the volume down and read it aloud yourself.  

Stay healthy!

Stay safe!

Stay home!