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The true story of my sister Mary's pet albino guinea pig "Piglet"  and the day Joe Namath asked if he could pet him

The true story of my sister Mary039s pet albino guinea pig quotPigletquot nbspand the day Joe Namath asked if he could pet him

Last week our family gathered for a wedding on Martha's Vineyard where I played the wedding march that I wrote for the happy couple.  I was so stressed -- afraid I'd play a clam. I knew it wouldn't be the first clam to hit that beach -- but luckily I practiced for hours and hours and made it through clam-less.  If you have my latest album, "On My Way To Hooterville," a viola arrangement of that wedding march is a hidden track 12.

My sister (the mother of the bride) was worried about bad luck if anyone knew about that wedding march in advance, but now I can tell you it's there.  It's played by a teenager named Amelia Krinke who wrote that arrangement, based on my guitar solo.  Amelia is now 17 and is at a sleepaway classical music camp.  Remember her name.  She could be a contender.

Here's Chapter 3 of COLD PIZZA -- a chapter that includes a family story that will live in infamy -- the day that I got the nerve to ask Joe Namath to teach me how to throw a football (the NY Jets' summer training camp was the military school where we all grew up) -- was the same day Mary was walking her pet guinea pig named Piglet.  True story.  TO THIS DAY Mary gets flustered if you bring it up.  She's probably not thrilled that I have read this chapter aloud, but it really happened.  Enjoy!  And make this your best summer.