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Starting with Brooks Williams in Cambridge, UK --- closing with B&B in the US -- next month Bob Lind is headliner (yes, The Elusive Butterfly Of Love guy)

Starting with Brooks Williams in Cambridge UK  closing with BampB in the US  next month Bob Lind is headliner yes The Elusive Butterfly Of Love guy

The August 2021 edition of the Greenwich Village Folk Festival

Rod MacDonald at the start

Christine Lavin introduces Brooks Williams 4:30

Brooks Williams 6:20

Ron Olesko introduces Nicole Yarlong 25:22

Nicole Yarling 26:06

Walt Michael 44:48

Deirdre Flint 1:08:04

Peter Gallway 1:27:00

Mad Agnes Trio 1:46:30

Carolann Solebello 2:04:30

Joe Jencks 2:22:30

Lili Anel 2:45:40

Buskin & Batteau 3:04:00 - 3:30:00

Rod MacDonald says good night — next show will be on September 5th, same time, same station, different cast led by Bob Lind (yes, of “The Elusive Butterfly Of Love”) — Rod MacD is friends with him in Florida and says he’s a great guitar player and still has a beautiful voice. Can’t wait! I covered his song in quite an unusual way a few years back.

I was the suprise entertainment at a man's 70th birthday party at the Coral Gables Country Club in Florida. He loved folk music, and inbetween my sets a DJ played dance music -- but none of that was folk music. I asked the DJ what the most popular dance beat is and he said 120 beats per minute. So I strung together five of my favorite folk tunes and put a dance beat under them so that now folk fans DO have something to dance to:

"Reminiscing With The Gentle Lonely Elusive Butterfly Of Love"

Robin Batteau plays on it, so does Paul Prestopino, who accompanied Peter Paul & Mary for years, so don't think I'm being disrespectful.

I think it's worth repeating the advice that Joe Williams (who was Nicole Yarling's mentor) always gave to singers: Never touch the principal, sing with the interest. I met him late in his career on a Sunday at the Detroit airport -- and I got to thank him for that advice.

I hope your summer is going well --