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Need a good beach book this summer? Watch me read chapter 1 of my book where I relive the nightmare of opening for Joan Rivers

Need a good beach book this summer Watch me read chapter 1 of my book where I relive the nightmare of opening for Joan Rivers

Joan -- and her team -- were as nice as pie to me. Their audience . . . a whole other ball game.

I found out afterwards that this particular venue in Florida pulled this on opening acts all the time: sold out the night as, "An Evening With . . . insert famous aging performer's name here" and THEN added an opening act, since the headliner's set was 75 minutes and they got too many complaints that that wasn't truly "an evening with."

So it was my turn to suffer to slings and arrows of an audience who bought tickets expecting Joan Rivers for the entire evening, and with NO addendum added to the program, shoved an opener out who was told to perform, "30 minutes -- not a minute more . . . not a minute less" by Joan and her people, who were not happy that she'd be facing a sold out crowd who expected more time than she was contracted for. My debacle was compounded by the bright stage lights hitting my guitar at all the wrong angles and my slip of the tongue response.

It was my worst night ever onstage. My longtime love told me to never breathe a word of it to a soul, but did I listen? No. I opened my book with it. I bought up all the unsold copies, so you can watch me read Chapter 1 to see if you want to read the other 27 chapters. Just click on "Store" on my home page, and I'll send you an autographed copy that your great great great grandchildren can bring to The Antiques Road Show in a hundred years.


"Christine Lavin reads Chapter 1 of her mem-wha, "Cold Pizza For Breakfast" on May 21, 2021 for The Ark.

And when things open up and you buy a ticket for "An Evening With," double-check that's what you are getting.