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I'm not MC-ing this time, I'm in the show -- MCs are Ron Olesko and Sonny Ochs

I039m not MCing this time I039m in the show  MCs are Ron Olesko and Sonny Ochs

The concert begins at 7 PM Eastern time sharp, and the lineup is a mix of new voices, legends, and everything in between. Everybody does 15 minutes, and if any tips come in they get split equally among the performers, which is the folk music way.

Some names might be unfamiliar -- Steve Addabbo is most well known as a producer, having produced Suzanne Vega's very first album (which I love to this day), but he's also a fine singer/songwriter on his own.

Annie Burns is yes, that Annie from The Burns Sisters, a group known for gorgeous harmonies and songs -- she's now got her own trio.

Crys Matthews is the up and comer with a powerful voice and point of view that is garnering her a large following everywhere she appears.

Pat Wictor was 1/3 of "Brother Sun" for years, but most important to know is that he was hit extremely hard by covid-19, and we are all thrilled that he is back full strength.

Amy Speace possesses a beautiful voice, lives in Nashville, and writes the best country/pop/folk songs I've heard in a long, long time.

Howard Levy is an incredible bluesman with a harmonica who takes the blues places it rarely goes, at unheard of tempos.

Emma's Revolution is the old school kind of folk duo not afraid to write songs that comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

Bill Staines -- what to say about Bill Staines -- I opened for him the first time I ever played Passim in Cambridge, and I remember that show to this day. We'll be singing his his songs a hundred years from now, like, "All God's creatures got a place in the choir/some sing low/some sing higher . . . "

David Roth -- I remember when I first saw him at the Speakeasy in the early 1980s. We all knew instantly he was brilliantly talented, so it's not surprising to see how accomplished he is now. Not to mention all the good works he does in the music community.

So watch the show live on Facebook, Youtube, just the audio at, and visit to find out more.





Thank you for supporting live music. Let's hope we'll be back onstage soon.