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It's quite the lineup, beginning with Daniel Cainer, then Declan O'Rourke, then Steve Tilston, all 3 live from England & Ireland, ending later with Robin & Linda Williams

It039s quite the lineup beginning with Daniel Cainer then Declan O039Rourke then Steve Tilston all 3 live from England amp Ireland ending later with Robin amp Linda Williams

This is one NOT TO MISS. Live on Facebook, youtube, also audio-only at

Here's a video from just the first 3 artists (out of a total of 10 -- each does 15 minutes)

"Grateful" Daniel Cainer

"We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea" Declan O'Rourke

"The Reckoning" Steve Tilston

I encourage you to share this email with any music-loving friends of yours. Declan is about to cross over to great fame, is with a major record label and there's a chance his performance will be taken down immediately after the concert, so this might be your only chance to see him live. Between them these three have more than 100 years of experience -- they're the best of the best -- so I hope you can catch the show from 7-10 PM tonight eastern time. The concert is free for all, but donations are gratefully accepted and split among the performers equally.

Also on the bill is a 16 year old brand new American folksinger Stella Prince -- it's quite a lineup. Hope you can join us!