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BIG News from Christine Lavin

Hi all -- some big news -- the lyrix to my song "Planet X" are in the book THE PLUTO FILES:  THE RISE AND FALL OF AMERICA'S FAVORITE PLANET written by Neil deGrasse Tyson, head of the Hayden Planetarium in NYC.  The song is discussed on pages 58-59 and the entire lyrix are Appendix B, pages 162-166.  W.W. Norton is the publisher.
What's most amazing -- some of you might already know this -- I got a "D" in Astronomy in college.  So I am proof we CAN make up for the mistakes of our youth.
The book is terrific -- funny, smart -- I bought copies and will be selling them at my shows over the next few months, but you can also get it from Amazon - or click on the 'books' button at my website.  If any of you are genius computer hackers, I hope you can hack into my college transcript and do something about that D.  It still embarrasses me.  

My song "Air Conditioner" has been recorded by Sutton Foster, currently starring as Princess Fiona in "Shrek The Musical" on Broadway.  The song is on her debut album (coming out February 19th), called WISH -- it's a really fun 1930's sounding arrangement of the song and of course Sutton sings it with lots of verve.  My favorite song on her album is a gorgeous ballad written by Jeff Blumenkrantz called "My Heart Was Set On You."  It's one of those brilliant songs that is practically a mini-musical all by itself.  Remember his name:  Jeff Blumenkrantz.  He's going to emerge as one of the giants in musical theater in the 21st century. And BTW, in case you didn't know, I wrote "Air Conditioner" the first time I ever saw Cheryl Wheeler sing at a club in Greenwich Village way back in the early 1980s.  If you don't know Cheryl's work, she is one of the best songwriters ever, so after reading this letter, go check her out.

And I'm writing a book!  So lots of stuff going on.  Thanks for signing up to be on my mailing list.  This is the first mailing I have ever done.  I hope it finds you happy and healthy.  And I won't waste your time.  Don't hate me because I sold your name to the Home Shopping Club.