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Chistine Lavin at WIFFLEDUST outside PHILLY

Saturday, November 17
Church of the Holy Apostles
1020 Remington Rd.
Wynnewood, PA
box office: 610-952-8046
tickets $22 online and at doorF

knitting circle 6:30 P.M.
concert: 7:30 P.M.

FROM:  Lisa S. Ferreri Valdivieso, director of WIFFLEDUST

She's a singer, she's a songwriter, she's an entertainer, she's a dj, she's an author, she's a songwriting advocate, and she's a knitter. There is hardly anyone who does more creative things at the same time and who is a better friend to songwriters.  

Christine has been making me laugh for years and she's going to tickle you, too, on the 17th but there's more ... keep reading ...

Christine has her own radio program on XM Satellite Radio, called SLIPPED DISCS.  If you are a songwriter and you come to the concert, you may slip her your disc and she will listen and possibly play it on one of her shows.  No promises airplay but it worth the try!  Christine has found some of the best!  

No, that is not all .... keep reading ....

Christine is an avid knitter.  Have you read KNIT LIT, TOO?  She has a chapter about her knitting on the road.  An hour prior to the concert, she'll be knitting with ticket holders who bring their latest project  .... no discrimination ... quilters and those who crochet are welcome.

See you for a most magical evening!



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