A photo request from Christine Lavin

Hi gang -- I'm in the editing process of my book that will be published this fall by Tell Me Press in New Haven.  They are going to include a section of photos and memorabilia -- I am looking for photos that include me BUT have a lot of other people in the photo -- could be musicians, "Sensitive New Age Guys" onstage -- painting nails -- anything like that.  I'm NOT looking for photos of me alone (what kind of an egotist do you think I am???? I have enough of those).

If you have anything suitable, could you send jpgs to me at cmlav@aol.com?  Please include photo credits and names of performers or civilians in the photos.  

At this point I have no idea how many we can fit in the book, but the publisher is also thinking about doing a calendar, so maybe the photos could be used there.  

Please check out my homepage -- an old friend has re-emerged from obscurity!