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Buy 2 or more CDs and get brand new FREE compilation with new songs and recordings  by Sloan Wainwright, Amy Speace, Rob Siegel, me, and others

Buy 2 or more CDs and get brand new FREE compilation with new songs and recordings nbspby Sloan Wainwright Amy Speace Rob Siegel me and others

My brand new song, "The Best Summer" is on this June 2021 Hudson Harding compilation --

along with Rob Siegel's unusual Father's Day song, "For My Boys"

plus 15 other songs on a CD that is not for commercial sale, just sent to Folk Radio DJs who subscribe to the service, and they let us who are on the disc buy copies to do with whatever we want (I choose to give them away with a purchase of two or more items from my online CD store).

If you want to take advantage of this deal, just place your order and when I receive it I will confirm with you that you can get this free compilation -- though if you'd rather switch it with any of my other titles, just let me know and I'll confirm by email before the package goes out that your choice of free CD is included.

Eventually these Hudson Harding compilations will be collectibles since there are only 1,000 pressed each month. I know you expect me to say something about The Antiques Road Show here, but I hate being so predictable!

We seem to be moving toward a time where live shows will be coming back, and this is my way of hanging on financially until that happens. I'm the president of my record company (and the secretary and the messenger and the complaint department) -- and I will sign everything you buy to make it really valuable down the line. I also include baseball cards (my business card of choice since the early 1990s) and postcards, too.

I have a limited supply of the June Hudson Harding compilation, so order now if you want one. Ellis Delaney is also on it, Tom Prasada-Rao doing his version of the classic, "For What It's Worth," Amy Speace does Warren Zevon's song, "Don't Let Us Get Sick" (how timely is that one) -- it's a very good collection. So click on the orange "store" button at my website. In these crazy days I need a reason to leave the house, and I've become friends with all the window clerks at the P.O. Give me a reason to visit them -- they are a nice bunch.

And to sweeten the deal I'll email you a file with all the lyrics of the songs on the June issue, along with stories from each artist about how they came to write or record their particular cut. I always learn a lot when I find out how a specific recording came to be, and I bet you like that kind of thing, too.