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If you have a sewing machine, cotton fabric, and a desire to help, the medical world needs what you can do

If you have a sewing machine cotton fabric and a desire to help the medical world needs what you can do

I've been a fan of Sally Fingerett's since we first met in 1980, but it wasn't til 1989 when we became friends. She is one of the founding members of The Four Bitchin' Babes, and she is an avid seamstress when she's not creating music, or cooking (her kugel! her kugel!), or writing books. When I heard she was sewing face masks in Ohio, I asked for her help to make a video to teach us all how we can do that. We've worked 12 hour days since last Friday, and just finished this video tonight.

If you can sew, or if you know anyone who can, please share this. Sally happened to have 35 years of fabric "stash" locked away, so now she's putting her sewing talent to good use while recycling beloved yards of fabric she's been saving for a rainy day. She wants to show you how easy it is to make face masks that are so needed right now.

Sally Fingerett Teaches You How To Make A Cotton Face Mask

I included bits of Sally's music in this video -- she really is a multi-faceted multi-talented person. She continues to guide The Four Bitchin' Babes, managing the group and finding news way to connect to audiences. But now she just wants to help. Thanks if you can, too.

Stay healthy!

Stay safe!

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