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I just completed the video for "Bring Back The Bow," which I hope will help stop spreading germs

I just completed the video for quotBring Back The Bowquot which I hope will help stop spreading germs

A facebook friend of mine named Jennifer Peterson posted this song yesterday, a song I'd forgotten I wrote.  I worked on the video til 5 AM, then got up at the crack of 1 and finished it this afternoon.  It's always had a serious subtext -- I got the idea when a musician came backstage one night, gave me a big hug and kiss and then croaked into my ear, "I am so sick, but this is how much you mean to me -- I got out of my sickbed to come to your show."  

I'm not kidding.  I was furious -- why would someone coughing and sneezing think hugging and kissing someone else is a good idea (unless the person is your enemy).  I probably wrote this six years later, recorded it in 2009, and now here we are, on the edge of what could be a world-wide pandemic.  

The only part of this song that I'm not sure of is the last line -- is fist bumping/knuckle tapping still considered safe?  I'd err on the side of caution and say no.  

"Bring Back The Bow"

Wishing you good health -- oh, and a belated happy birthday to Bob Mantin -- he was born on February 29th, so he's still a kid -- all of 16! Hope you had a good birthday!