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Sign up now, take the brief tour, and get ready for the world debut of "Everybody Must Stay Home" as part of today's concert

Sign up now take the brief tour and get ready for the world debut of quotEverybody Must Stay Homequot as part of today039s concert

Here's the link:

David has spent the last 26 summers in a row as That Guitar Man From Central Park, putting on self-produced shows by the rowboat pond (he brings his own generator, his own sound system, and has been delighting New Yorkers -- and the occasional bride and groom -- with his open-hearted generosity as a performer.

Here's a short spontaneous video about him I made a few years back -- here it is, in case you don't his work:

David Ippolito live in Central Park while I'm live in Cincinnati:

So meet me in the crowdcast chat room at 4 PM eastern (1 PM Pacific)>