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See Tom Paxton, Loudon Wainwright, Holly Near, Joe Jencks, Rory Block, Don Armstrong, Ellis Paul, and others celebrate the Caffe Lena's 60th anniversary

See Tom Paxton Loudon Wainwright Holly Near Joe Jencks Rory Block Don Armstrong Ellis Paul and others celebrate the Caffe Lena039s 60th anniversary

In the first 24 hours more than 3,500 people have watched it -- I had no idea how wonderful this was going to be -- but it IS! As good as anything you'll see on PBS -- and the closer, Joe Jencks, practically gives a master class in how you pay tribute to such a venerable venue. The amazing thing is that the show was pulled together in one week. ONE week. Kudos to Sarah Craig & Company.

"Happy 60th Anniversary Caffe Lena from John Winn, Tom Paxton, Holly Near, Joe Jencks, Rory Block, Don Armstrong, Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, Ellis Paul, Pete & Maura Kennedy, Bill Staines, new discovery Sawyer Fredericks and me"

1 hour 51 minutes - but only available a limited time so don't wait too long to watch it

The closing performer, Joe Jencks, is going to be live tomorrow night, Saturday, at 9 Eastern time, via Winnipeg. I'm SURE if you watch him close the Caffe Lena show, you'll want to see him do a whole FREE concert. He's THAT good. Here's the link for that:

Joe Jencks Live and Free via Winnipeg:

If you know Joe, you know what I'm talking about. if you don't, here's your chance -- 9 Eastern, 6 Pacific, though I'm pretty sure it's 2 AM London time, but I know a few night owls in London who will be happy.