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Joanne Woodward's dream was to turn this book into a film -- I hope this will get it a step closer

Joanne Woodward039s dream was to turn this book into a film  I hope this will get it a step closer

Joanne Woodward is now retired, so making this into a film is something she won't be doing -- but maybe another enterprising filmmaker will run with this idea.  

Here's the final two chapters (officially Book 3, Chapter 3 and Book 3, Chapter 4) plus a final footnote about Joanne Woodward in case you know of a Merchant & Ivory type filmmaker looking for a great book to bring to the screen.

Many years ago I wrote a song about Joanne Woodward's obsession with this book and it contained this lyric:

"If you would like me to answer

all these burning questions

I'm sorry to disappoint

but that's something I cannot do

it would ruin Joanne's movie for you

should she ever make it

I envision an American equivalent of

"A Room With A View."

When I wrote that line I thought hey, I better go and re-look at that other film to see if that's an apt comparison. It had been years since I had seen it.

Well, blow me down, "A Room With A View" is set in the exact same year -- 1901 -- and the lead ingenue is named, "Lucy." But it's set in Florence, Italy and is a completely different story -- but what are the odds?  

Here's the final two chapters -- Enjoy!  Or be glad it's done and I won't be sending any more of these.  It's been my way of dealing with the pandemic.  But if you do get a hankerin' for a good read, you've got all the chapters now.  

Next To Last Chapter Book 3, Chapter 3 of “Lucy Gayheart” 19:53

Final Chapter Book 3, Chapter 4 of “Lucy Gayheart”. 18:55. w/fond final farewell footnote

Stay safe, everybody.  I know we're all stir-crazy, but don't do anything rash.  Reading is a nice, safe hobby for now.