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Here's "Lavin Live at Passim for one hour" -- in the first 24 hours it's been viewed more than 4,500 times -- who knew?

Here039s quotLavin Live at Passim for one hourquot  in the first 24 hours it039s been viewed more than 4500 times  who knew

The first 2 minutes are a technical nightmare, but after that it's smooth sailing.  Passim holds about a hundred people, so it's kind a miracle that so many people have watched it already. I haven't gotten paid yet, so I don't know how much money came in -- I think we split it, but I'm not sure.  This isn't normal show biz anymore.  We're all just hanging on and hoping for the best.

Here's the song list, in case you want to skip over any songs. If you are a Republican you might want to skip song 1 and song 5.
1.  When It All Goes Wrong We'll Turn This Ship Around
2.  Regretting What I Said (by request)
3.  Doris & Edwin: The Movie
4.  It's Your Funeral. Discuss.
5.  What Was I Thinking? w/Bill Barr ending (by request)
6.  Waiting For The B Train
7.  Sunday Breakfast With Christine
8.  The Moment Slipped Away (w/Barbara Barrie-9/11 story)
9.  Shopping Cart Of Love: The Play (by request)
Here's the link: -- scroll down and click on my square.

Feel free to share this.  And please take care.  

The Zoom song-swap that followed included John Forster, Don White, and Katherine Rondeau.  John did a brand new song called, "Silence," and we are now working on a video for it together.  It was John's very first excursion into the world of zoom, and I'm so glad something tangible has come of it already.  Stay tuned.