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I sent my Click & Grow farm FB post to the company and they responded by offering a 15% discount to any friends of mine

I sent my Click  Grow farm FB post to the company and they responded by offering a 15 discount to any friends of mine

Surprise! I sent photos of my Click & Grow Farm to them and they loved the comments so much they are offering any of my friends 15% off with this code: HECTOR&WALDO15 at If you have been thinking of farming (which is helping to keep me sane during the pandemic) here's your chance to save $ doing it, and I get the satisfaction of helping you connect with your inner E-I-E-I-O.

Hector is in the back and Waldo the tomato is to the right of Miguel (red jacket) along with the other action figure stars of the movie, "Coco," who protect my plants from trouble.

As is the folk music way, I don't make anything from this arrangement -- I just thought in case you're thinking about windowsill farming, here's your chance get a deal. The grow lights are built in to the 'handle' -- I bought the 9 pod size, so my first crops were 3 pods of basil, tiny tomatoes, and lettuce each. The lettuce I ate, made two batches of homemade pesto with the basil I grew, and there are now more than a dozen tiny tomatoes growing. When they are ripe I am going to make salsa for the whole cast of "Coco."

This is a great project for kids -- you check the water supply every day (there's a "float" that goes up and down -- you want to keep it "up," which means it's filled). Because of all my travels I was never able to keep pets OR plants -- and now I almost have both -- since I had to pollinate the tomato plant with my electric toothbrush (not kidding). Here's a video that teaches you how to do it if you don't believe me:

There's many different kinds of windowsill and kitchen "farms" - I chose "Click & Grow" because there is no noisy pump -- just the silent float. They have over 60 different things you can grow -- even catnip! So if this is something you've been thinking about, use my special discount code: HECTOR&WALDO15 and you're on your way.

Happy growing!


p.s. since grow lights are built in, you don't need to put your farm on a windowsill. I just do that because that's where I have room, and I figure a little extra sunlight can't hurt!