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We chat about my show w/Deirdre Flint on Monday 11/22, Suzanne Vega, my brother Christopher, Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, the kind of love you never recover from . . . and more . . .

We chat about my show wDeirdre Flint on Monday 1122 Suzanne Vega my brother Christopher Bob Dylan039s Rolling Thunder Revue the kind of love you never recover from    and more

Click link below to watch.

Rabbi Sol Solomon chats with singer-songwriter CHRISTINE LAVIN. Topics include: Covid-19, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Thunder Revue, Suzanne Vega, Deirdre Flint of the 4 Bitchin' Babes, the other Chris Lavin (Christine's brother Christopher), Hobart College, the Rochester Music Hall Of Fame, Al Jardine of the Beach Boys, SUNY Brockport. At the end she sings a musical psychic test -- take the test to see if you can add "psychic powers" to your resume.

Just did a live concert last night with Shanna In A Dress. She is going to be a superstar - like Taylor Swift superstar, so keep your ear out for her! She's funny, fearless, 6 feet tall and gorgeous. So glad I'm beyond the age of envy. She will be part of Jim Caruso's Cast Party this coming Monday night, as will Deirdre Flint and I after we finish our Birdland Theater show downstairs.

Join us if you can!