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I was joined by Andrew Ratshin, Matt Price, and Alice Howe & Freebo -- plus a former Jeopardy! champion for smart fun

I was joined by Andrew Ratshin Matt Price and Alice Howe amp Freebo  plus a former Jeopardy champion for smart fun

Andrew Ratshin is the driving force behind "Uncle Bonsai," "The Mel Cooleys," and "Electric Bonsai Band" and debuted three brand new songs on Friday night (my favorite is in this video). It's called "(All You Can Eat) Gluttony" - there's just not enough songs about gluttony, and finally Andrew is doing something about that.

Matt Price has, in his estimation, "five albums worth of songs" in his computer, but refuses to record them because whenever he does that it disrupts his computer and that's just too aggravating for him to handle. At least he'll let us hear his songs -- and each one is more stunning than the next. His third song, "Daddy's Car," is here and will transport you.

An old friend of mine who won Jeopardy! three times also showed up -- so we put his brains -- and everyone else's -- to the test.

To top it off the remarkable Alice Howe and the legendary Freebo stopped by -- they closed the night with an exquisite version of Joni Mitchell's "A Case Of You," with Freebo on bass behind Alice and her guitar. If his name is new to you -- he toured for more than 10 years with Bonnie Raitt -- he's one of the best players there is, and getting to watch him up close play a fretless electric bass will make bass players everywhere jump with joy.

Perhaps my favorite part of the video is near the end, when an old friend of one of the musicians in the zoom show stumbled into the chat room 45 years after they last spoken, and they just picked up where they left off.

The silver lining of the times we are living in.