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Highlights from the Forever Plaid 30th Plaidiversary Reunion Special (26 minutes & 40 seconds)

Highlights from the Forever Plaid 30th Plaidiversary Reunion Special 26 minutes  40 seconds

I first saw this show back in 1990 -- and five times again after that -- it's been going for 30 years now, and the original cast and the creator of the show (Stuart Ross) all got together on zoom last week to relive some of the memories.

I watched it, I asked the boys if they could give me the original clips and zoom call, and an hour ago they gave me the thumb's up that I can now share this. You'll be amazed to hear stories about who some of their devoted fans were (and are).

If you like gorgeous close harmony singing paired with merry mischief, I know whenever this show takes to the road again, you won't want to miss it. Til then -- we can watch this.  And yes, that is the voice of the late great Fred Willard you hear (along with David Hyde Pierce) introducing the show. I've been friends with Stuart since the 1990s but didn't remember until working on this that Fred was one of their biggest fans. Now it's bittersweet and poignant to hear Fred introduce them from the afterlife, since he's there now, too. Sigh.

"Highlights Of the FOREVER PLAID 30th Plaidiversary Reunion with Stuart Ross & the Original Cast (Jason Graae, Stan Chandler, David Engel, Larry Raben, and Guy Stroman)" dedicated to the memory of James Raitt

(broadcast live on May 20, 2020 by Musical Theatre West,


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