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"When You're Single At Christmastime"  Christine Lavin & The Accidentals

Christine Lavin bio/photo

When you're single at Christmastime
What do you do?
Visit your mom and her boyfriend
Up in Kalamazoo?
Or your dad and his new wife
And their 3 screaming brats?
Or your uncle in Idaho
With 17 cats?

When you're single at Christmastime
You always leave town
Now the older you get
The less you like movin' around
But they are your family
And what families do
Is gather on Christmas
That puts pressure on you

Yes you are single
And you like it this way
You can stay up all night
You can sleep half the day
You can sing in the shower
scream at the TV
Do housework naked
But enough about me

When you're single at Christmastime
You feel like a freak
You wish you had a fast-forward button
Zip you through to next week
But that's no solution
'Cause I do believe
Next week brings a worse problem:
New Year's Eve

Wise people call New Year's Eve
Amateur night
Some idiots get drunk
other idiots pick fights
some idiots get married
a risky thing to do
if doesn’t work out
New Year’s Eve is forever
ruined for you

Why should you travel
When you want to stay home?
You can talk to your relatives
Just fine on the phone
When they say 'please come visit!'
Do they really mean it?
If you say 'yes' they look at their house
And say damn, now we must clean it

Why ruin their time off?
Why ruin yours?
They'll love you for not making them
Do extra chores
You'll love them for letting you
Be where you want to be
With your friends and maybe next year
You'll buy your own Christmas tree . . .

Yes you are single
Still you like it this way
It’s the same if you’re straight
It’s the same if you’re gay
You can skip a few showers
Unplug your TV
Eat popcorn for dinner
But enough about me . . .


Christine Lavin:  vocal and guitar
The Accidentals:  vocals
Steve Doyle:  bass
Brian Bauers:  SFX
© Christine Lavin Music, administered by Bug, ASCAP