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I Am Psychic So Are You

If you are visiting this page, congratulations:  your psychic powers have led you here.  Now here's how YOU can test the psychic powers of others:


    To read, hold this page in front of a mirror.

001-1 ro) 01-1 N33WT3d r3dMUN a k)i¶  :I ¶3T2
.(TrAmz Yr3V zi 'gniTZ3T' 3RA UOY nozr3¶ 3HT FI

           .TI  3lduob  :II ¶3T2

   N3V3 NA 3d TzUM) _________ bbA  :III ¶3T2

                                 .OWT Yd 3bivib  :VI ¶3T2

TUO b3TrATz UOY r3dMUN TAHT T)ArTduZ :V ¶3T2

  1. . . w o n 3VAH UOY r3dmun 3HT morf HTIW

 FI  .zi ZYAWLA  .III ¶3T2 FO S1  :zi r3wznA 3HT
 .)T3 .)T3 .005 - 000,1 ;5 z'TAHT ,01 zi III ¶3T2

          3HT OT gniog ,TrAq gnibn3 3HT qu 3bAm I
    .gnibn3 NWO rUOY qu 3kAm na) UOY  .T3dAhqlA
  3HT OT og" YAZ ,S zi r3wznA 3HT FI ,3lqmAx3 roF
     TAHT] "T3dAhqlA 3HT FO r3TT3l gnibnoqs3rro)
   TAHT TIUrF A FO knIHT OT M3HT ll3T  .[d 3d lliw
  kniHT lliw 3lqo3q tzoM .r3TT3l ZiHT HTIW znig3d
    FO r3TT3l TzAl 3HT OT og" YAZ NEHT  ".ANANAd"
ziHT 3r3HW 3TATz 3grAl a fo kNiHT bNA TIUrF 3HT
      lliw 3lqo3q TzoM  ".worg T'na) YldAdorq TIUrF
        3rA UOY" ,YAZ UOY N3HW  .AkzA√A FO kniHT
   3d lliw Y3HT "!AkzA√A NI ANANAd a Fo gnikNiHT
 qu 3mo) OT 3ldA 3d lliw UOY 3ruz MA I  !b3zAmA
      .gNIbn3 ")iH)Yzq" T3r)3z nwo Yr3v ruoY HTIW
RUO z'TAHT  .3lssuq HTAM A z'TI M3HT ll3T T'nOb

© Christine Lavin Music (ASCAP) administered by Bug Music