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"Christmas In Brooklyn"  Erik Frandsen

Erik Frandsen bio/photo

Officer Mike was a good-natured Goombah
who never once fired his gun
He used to lock up college kids who got drunk
and then let 'em go . . . just for fun
When December rolled round
he'd go down to the copshop
and bring his uke along
In the hallway that runs
by the old holding cells
he would sing to the skells
this seasonal song:

When it's Christmas in Brooklyn
the people all smile
From beautiful Flatbush
to old Coney Isle
In Greenpoint and Red Hook
they're filled with good cheer
And if youse don't like it
then get outta here

I saw Santa fly over the Gowanis Canal
Callin' out to his reindeers just like an old pal,
"On Enzo, on Renzo. on Paulie, on Al
On Vito, on Guido, on Vinnie and Sal!"
With Rudy the Nose at the head of the line
Santa's a Teamster, so he's doin' fine

Though it's not celebrated
by our friends the Hindus
Buddhists or Taoists
or Moslems or Jews
When it's Christmas in Brooklyn
it won't come as news
That I'm just tryin' to say
Merry Christmas to youse

When it's Christmas in Brooklyn
the snowflakes are gray
They been like that since Dem Bums
moved out to L.A.
But people in Brooklyn
forgive and forget
'Cause the Spirit of Christmas
it ain't left here yet

So when you're out drinkin'
or playin' stickball
Remember the Savior
that died for us all
And now I gotta go
and start deckin' the halls
So I bid youse goodnight
Merry Christmas to All!


Erik Frandsen -- voice and guitar
© Song Of Singapore Music BMI