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It begins with a funny song for our times, "Stress" by Jim Infantino, ends with Kate Taylor's lovely, "I've Got A Message"

It begins with a funny song for our times quotStressquot by Jim Infantino ends with Kate Taylor039s lovely quotI039ve Got A Messagequot

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor is celebrating the release of her brand new album, WHY WAIT! produced by the same musician who produced her "Sister Kate" album 50 years ago -- Peter Asher -- where she is rejoined by the musicians who played on that first album all those years ago. And she's having a ball. She closed this month's Greenwich Village Folk Festival solo, from the couch in her home on Martha's Vineyard. We are so thrilled for her that she is having so much fun again sharing her music.


Greenwich Village Folk Festival Sunday, September 5, 2021

00 - 7:43 Nanci Griffith sings, “From A Distance,” by Julie Gold and “What’s That I Hear?” by Phil Ochs

Rod MacDonald 7:43 - 12:03 introductory remarks

Ron Olesko (MC) 12:04 - 13:45 introduces Jim Infantino

Jim Infantino 13:46 - 27:41

Christine Lavin introduces Jaspar Lepak 27:42 - 29:15

Jaspar Lepak 29:15 - 44:19

Ron intros:

Tom Prasada-Rao 46:30 - 1:00:50

Chris intros:

Kate MacLeod 1:02:24 - 1:15:20

Ron intros:

Ray Bonneville 1:16:50 - 1:31:59

Chris intros:

Cosy Sheridan w/Charlie Koch 1:34:32 - 1:48:44

Ron intros:

Ellis Paul 1:51:23 - 2:07:32

Chris intros:

Cliff Eberhardt 2:09:24 - 2:21:08

Ron intros:

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason 2:23:17 - 2:46:57

Chris intros:

Kate Taylor 2:49:38 - 3:13:15

Rod MacDonald closing remarks 3:13:16 - 3:17:35

The next GVFF is Sunday, October 3rd at 7 PM Eastern -- all Phil Ochs' songs -- and Sonny Ochs, Phil's sister, will be part of the show, doing some MCing. All the performers have been in many Phil Ochs' shows, so they are not the type who learns a song just for the night -- they know his works well and sing it beautifully.