Plus the special guests announced for Midnight (Eastern time) Zoom After Party Friday night

Plus the special guests announced for Midnight Eastern time Zoom After Party Friday night

Midnight (eastern) 9 PM Pacific, my special zoom guests are two of the best: Andrew Ratshin of "Uncle Bonsai" and Matt Price. We'll be doing a 'round-robin' song swap -- and here's a wonderful new song by Matt:

"A Pike" by Matt Price
And by Andrew Ratshin (aka Electric Bonsai Band)
"Dog At The Gates Of Hell" by Electric Bonsai Band (it's not electric, not a band)
At 11 Eastern I'm on Facebook live ( doing a one hour solo show. Some will be requests -- "Santa Monica Pier," which I haven't done in 20 years, "Summer Weddings" -- ditto -- along with others I know a whole lot better. But when people want requests, I try to fulfill them. One for tomorrow is "Wind Chimes" -- not sure about that one -- Wind Chimes might be REALLY annoying on a computer screen, so I'm debating that one.
If you have any requests, please let me know -- and if you have for Andrew or Matt, I'll pass them along. Andrew is also 1/3 of "Uncle Bonsai," one of the most unusual trios in music ever.
And here's the coordinates for the Zoom After Party (Please Do Not Post ANYWHERE in Public - by invitation only)

AFTER PARTY 12 am ET Sat Aug 22nd

Christine Lavin, Andrew Ratshin, Matt Price

Link: McCabe's After Party

Time: Aug 22, 2020 12:00 AM Montreal

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 5994 5774

Passcode: 564000

The party will be filmed. There's 100 places in the Zoom room -- where you can be seen -- if it fills up it flips over to youtube, where only the performers can be seen.
This is Andrew's FIRST venture into cyberspace since the pandemic hit. I'm very excited he's taking a chance with me. He's one of the absolute best there is, and he's the one who brought Matt Price to everyone's attention, so it promises to be a really good night.
Dr. Fauci says, "Wear a mask!"