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Celebrating the release of my brand new album, 'ON MY WAY TO HOOTERVILLE' followed by Song-Swap with Surprise Guests on Friday night

Celebrating the release of my brand new album 039ON MY WAY TO HOOTERVILLE039 followed by SongSwap with Surprise Guests on Friday night

This will be my first fully interactive Zoom concert at 8 PM Eastern on Friday --- where you can see me and I can see you! Unless you're shy -- you can always click on 'no video' and no one will see you -- but why would you do that?

It's old school in that there are tickets for this, it's not open to the public -- you get to choose what you pay -- from $5 to $35 -- and I'll be hosting an "After Party" with surprise guests immediately following my concert. Here's the link for tickets:

"Record-release concert for ON MY WAY TO HOOTERVILLE"

And here's a 3-1/2 minute highlight reel of songs from the new album:

"3-1/2 minutes of Hooterville Highlights"

I will also have old school actual CDs for sale that I will be mailing out the very next day -- with a special bit of "swag" that will be a surprise.  I had a box of the swag made and shipped here -- and it was stolen out of my mailroom so the company is making up more and promise I will have them by Friday. It's something fun AND practical and can even be part of your Halloween costume this year.  You're probably wondering . . . hmmmm . . . what could it be???  And why would someone steal it from the mailroom??

All musicians are hanging on as best we can. We thank you for supporting our work in every new way can come up with. I'm excited about doing a show for people I can actually see! How refreshing is that!  Dress up!

Stay safe!

Wear a mask!