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Looking for still photos or short (less than 10 sec) clips of you with a photo of someone you've missed this past year

Looking for still photos or short less than 10 sec clips of you with a photo of someone you039ve missed this past year

Did you know The Four Bitchin' Babes recorded "Sealed With A Kiss"? It happened in 1993 and I just re-heard it and think it would make a great end-of-year video where we acknowledge all those who we've missed over this past tough year.

If you could send me a selfie or short video of you holding a photo of someone you miss. You could also send a video kissing the photo, or blowing it a kiss. You could hold the photo in such a way that we can't see who it is if that is more comfortable for you. You can use if your video is greater than 25 MB (it's free to use).

Here's a 7-sec video I made to give an example --

Above is a photo I have already received for this video -- it's from Jacquie, with her granddaughter Lucy, who she hasn't met yet. That's what will be in the credits.

Please send photos/videos to me at and put SWAK in the subject line. Please list names if you want them in the credits, just first names if you don't want last names, or no names if you don't want to be identified.

Maybe you've missed your grandparents, or you are grandparents missing grandkids? Or maybe you miss the local pizza man you haven't seen much of this past year.

Don White and I are doing a live concert at 7 PM on NYE and this video will be part of the pre-show entertainment. And it will also be posted on FB --

Thanks if you can be part of this!

Sealed With A Kiss,