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I was sleep deprived, paid over $100 for a cab ride, my first time ever at the Philly Folk Fest

I was sleep deprived paid over 100 for a cab ride my first time ever at the Philly Folk Fest

1986 Philly Folk Fest "Camping," "Biological Time Bomb" & "Artificial Means" 11-1/2 minutes

And you know what? I now know where that Bob Yahn photo came from that's on the cover of my book, "Cold Pizza For Breakfast" -- it's from this exact performance -- no one was ever sure what year it was or what, because the negative could not be found. But now I'm 99% sure that book cover is a moment from where I'm explaining about the "M" in stars on my ceiling.

BTW, that M was NEVER a W or an E for anyone else -- it was always just for M -- I was a sassy young thing, wasn't I, acting like I was a wild child, when I was just pretending to be a bad girl. I was never a bad girl. Though once I was going to call an album, "Bad Girl Trapped In A Good Girl's Body."  I googled that phrase just to make sure nobody else had thought of it first -- and found it was the catch phrase for a porn site, so I dodged a bullet there.

Wear a mask!

Wash your hands!

Count your blessings!