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In time for Christmas/Kwanzaa/Boxing Day/New Year's/Solstice -- and late Chanukah gift --

In time for ChristmasKwanzaaBoxing DayNew Year039sSolstice  and late Chanukah gift

I also have a few copies of "Just One Angel" -- both v1 and v2 -- so let me know if you'd like either or both as your "free" CDs. Or pick your own freebies, or write "surprise me" in the box for notes on the right hand side.

Just visit my website, and click on the third orange "store" button on the left hand side of the top.

I also have 3 physical copies of my "updated" songbook -- spiral bound -- they are $50 from me and I'll autograph everything to anyone you tell me to.

I've asked my webmaster to include a shipping charge for the songbook -- if he hasn't posted one, you can send $50 to me via venmo or paypal and I'll cover the postage. or

Music makes a wonderful gift, and autographed (if I've said it once I've said it a hundred times) it means your great great great grandchildren will get good news at The Antique Road Show.

I hope you have a wonderful -- and safe -- holiday time. Just as a reminder, if you are travelling by plane or by train the CDC recommends a N95 face mask if you will be in a large group for more than an hour. Here's a link to some good, well-priced 10-pack face masks that also make a great gift: