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Another embarrassment of riches -- this might be the best GVFF so far -- remastered

Another embarrassment of riches -- this might be the best GVFF so far -- remastered

Here's the official lineup - for those of you who know folk music, you know how terrific this music is -- for those of you new to folk, you'll make some amazing discoveries. For my money, Howard Levy's unbelievable solo harmonica version of "Danny Boy" is worth the price of admission alone. Oh yeah, the show is free! But you know what I mean. I think he modulates three times, but who's counting?

Don't miss the spontaneous chat at the end -- really interesting. I think Garnet Rogers' book should be a film directed by Martin Scorsese -- it's the Goodfellas of Folk, minus the blood and guts.


0:00 Hannah Rarity from Scotland (audio only) “I’m Not Going Anywhere." Hannah will be part of the next GVFF on Sunday December 5th at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time. In 2018 she was chosen as "BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year." This will be her first appearance with the Greenwich Village Folk Festival.

2:56 Rod MacDonald introduction

5:35 Ron Olesko introduces

7:11 Ellis Delaney

20:43 Christine Lavin introduces

22:59 John Kruth

38:27 Sheri Miller

58:42 Shanna In A Dress

1:22:40 Eric Schwartz

1:39:00 Debi Smith

1:55:00 David Massengill

2:21:20 Megon McDonough

2:37:50 Howard Levy

3:01:00 Tom Chapin

3:14:33 Tom & Rod chat about Chet Atkins, Tom sings encore

3:22:24 After Tom’s set - interesting discussion Rod MacDonald, Christine Lavin, Ron Olesko, Tom Chapin talk, discuss Howard Levy harmonica lessons, Debi Smith bodhran lessons, Massengill discusses Garnet Rogers. Don’t forget — the opening musician you heard was Scotland's Hannah Rarity, who will be part of the next broadcast on December 5th, 7 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

P.S. Ellis Delaney's third song was in Open G tuning, with extra bass lowered to C -- CGDGBD

3:32:34 End of broadcast.