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Free concert and song swap tonight -- starting at 8 PM at -- then we're all moving over to Zoom at 9:15

Free concert and song swap tonight -- starting at 8 PM at -- then were all moving over to Zoom at 915

Tonight from 8 -9 PM Eastern I will be doing a live concert at, immediately followed by a 'song-swap' on zoom where 3 top notch singer/songwriters will join me for an informal 'in the round' song circle. Who are the three? Can't tell you -- they are a surprise, but I love all three so I think you will too.

Here's a preview of my show:

The concert is at (then links to Facebook Live), and the song swap, starting at approximately 9:15 is at Here's what you need to get into zoom, but please don't post these numbers anywhere -- it's by invitation only -- just go to after the first concert, click on "join a meeting"

Meeting ID: 926 3502 8354

Password: Lavin6620

Both are free events, though tipping is allowed, but not required.

If you have never done Zoom before, prepare where you'll be watching from, turn off TV, anything that makes noise (put the dog in the other room if he/she's a barker), close your windows if it's a noisy neighborhood -- since there will be four of us doing music, and everyone can hear everyone else's sound, you want minimal noise. You can also 'mute' your microphone if that helps.

You can share this info with friends, but make sure they don't post the Zoom numbers anywhere public (there is a problem with strangers "zoom-bombing" events, and we're trying to avoid any such disruptions).

Stay safe! We still have an 8 PM curfew in NYC, so if you're in New York, now you've got something fun to do.