Will have a special 6 song tribute to Dave Van Ronk for a very special reason

Will have a special 6 song tribute to Dave Van Ronk for a very special reason

19 years ago today, at 3 PM on Super Bowl Sunday a bunch of folksingers got together to raise money at The Towne Crier for Dave Van Ronk who was ailing. Pete Seeger was there, so was Oscar Brand, Garth Hudson, Steve Katz, Jay Unger & Molly Mason and some others. It was a sold out event and we raised more than $4 grand for Dave. Tragically he died a week later, but he died "standing pat" as they say, also thanks to Allan Pepper who hosted a benefit a couple months earlier that raised 5 figures for Dave (thanks to the kindness and generosity of Peter Paul & Mary, Tom Paxton, and Arlo Guthrie).

So today's GVFF will not only have the customary 15 minute sets from today's lineup (the closer is Eric Bibb) -- but there will be six of Dave's friends each doing one song of Dave's throughout the show. Geoff Bartley had to cancel, but the terrific Chris Lowe is taking his place. Chris Lowe of "Porcupine Puffer Fish" fame.

You can get all the info at https://www.greenwichvillagefolkfestival.org or just watch the show on YouTube --

'Sunday Feb 7th Pre-Super Bowl Greenwich Village Folk Festival'


You can also listen live (just audio) at folkmusicnotebook.com

Here's a fun article by David Hinckley if you're on the fence -- remember, it's free, 3 PM Eastern - 6 PM Easter. Donations are gladly accepted but NOT required.


However you spend it, hope you have a lovely Sunday.


Christine Lavin