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The Moment Slipped Away (9/11 and BB) (11:42)

(Recorded live at The Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, CA. Woven in is a story about petit pain au chocolate, actress Barbara Barrie, and a Manhattan firehouse in post-9/11 NYC)

She’s a famous actress

movies and TV

I recognize her as I climb the stairs of the IRT

we cross the street together

moving up Broadway

I’m trying to come up with something clever

I can say

about how I love her work

what it means to me

how in her most recent film

she acted brilliantly

maybe she’ll think I’m stupid

maybe this’ll make her day

but she disappeared into the crowd

and the moment slipped away

Kind words don’t move the earth

but if they can improve your self worth

why do I let these moments pass me by

instead I’m quick to judge

and I’m quick to blame

quick to criticize

quick to maim

it’s hard to change

but I’ll try

So maybe it’s your best friend

or the next stranger you see

maybe it’s your neighbor

maybe it’s you maybe it’s me

who needs to hear encouragement

to make it through the day

who needs to hear whatever kind words

you might have to say

it doesn’t matter where you’re going

or where you have been

right now is the perfect moment

for us to begin

to appreciate each other

in new and different ways

please don’t let another golden moment

slip away

appreciate eachother

more and more each day

please don’t let another golden moment

slip away . . .


CL: vocal/guitar

synth: Brian Bauers

bass: Steve Doyle