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College Fight Song For Sesquipedalians (2:58)

(In this dumbed-down world, sesquipedalians are discriminated against. Time to fight back!)

I like big words

‘cause I’m a sesquipedalian

I like how it feels to say

pantagruelian, illywacker,

arglebargle, unctious,

noctambulist, capernoited, brontide,

fankle, cruciverbalist

saxicolous - someone who lives

under a rock

chronomentrophobia - fear of clocks

jejune behavior is juvenile

a connoisseur of fine wine is an oenophile

Cupidity relates to insatiable greed

dipsomaniac’s a drunk

who smokes too much weed

To bombilate means you loudly buzz or hum

an impecunious ignoramus is a

broke and dumb bum

A philosophunculist lies to impress others

mamothrept a child spoiled by grandmother

bindlestiff that’s another word for tramp

rawky means it’s foggy, cold, and damp

Mumsimus one who sticks to their old ways

nudiustertian pertains to

the day before yesterday

an autotonsorialist

cuts their own hair

a blatherskite is a person

full of hot air

But my new favorite big word

Is spaghettification

It’s better than bobsydie

or malversation

better than gongoozler

(that’s an idle spectator)

better than filipendulous

you can look that up later  (means hanging by a thread)

Spaghettification is also called

the noodle effect

think of astrophysics tidal forces

though in retrospect

spaghettification is a subject

Neil deGrasse Tyson knows

I just like how it sounds

Like hinky, keek, and juxtapose

Macity, deracinate,

badmash, prevaricate,

bingle, scrippage,

peely-wally, discombobulate,


frondeur, gasconade,


panurgic, estrapade


this song is for you

you’re not eccedentesiasts

your hearts beat true

you’re not snollygosters who

engage in sphallolalia

you are superbious



smack the verbal recumbentibus

stronger than an arbalest

or a blunderbuss

sesquipedalians of the world unite            

with our big vocabularies

we will fight fight fight!



is there another big word for


I wish there was but no


CL: vocal/guitar/harmonies

Steve  Doyle: bass